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Real-world solutions and dedicated care for better health and wellness.

Through innovative products and services, Dalrada Health’s lineup of consumer products help build communities that are safer and healthier. From germ-killing sanitizers and in-the-field cancer screening kits to an accredited nursing school and unique wellness clinics, Dalrada Health’s Consumer Products make human health a top priority.

Fast-Track Nursing School and Certification Programs.

IHG’s nursing and Medical Assistant training and certification programs include CNA, MA, RNA, HHA, CPR, continuing education, and a fast-track, 22-day CNA Certification Program. Students learn through in-depth classroom instruction and real-world experience.

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Life-Restoring Rejuvenation for a Better Quality of life.

Sòlas Rejuvenation + Wellness provides a host of services that empower people to live the life they deserve through a variety of aesthetic services and science-supported regenerative therapies. These clinics combine traditional spa procedures and cutting-edge medical practices.

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Sanitizing Solutions for a Global Community.

GlanHealth breakthrough alcohol-free, water-based deep cleaning and sanitizing products deliver effective, long-lasting protection while eliminating harmful germs and bacteria. Available in hand sanitizers, surface cleaners, convenient wipes, laundry additives, and more.

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Simplified Cancer Screening for Early Detection.

With early detection and effective care, Cervical cancer is one of the most successfully treatable forms of cancer. cerVIA™ Test Kits can save countless lives around the world and have already been used in multiple clinical trials in India with positive results.

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